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Oktober 18, 2022 2 min read

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs, Planetiers came out of the dream of a world where business and sustainability would walk along side by side.

This year's gathering will have Lisbon as a stage in an event occurring from the 24th to 26th of October in Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Parque Eduardo VII. Want to know more about this gathering? Please check Planetiers' annual gathering.

Planetiers is a movement that brings together citizens and organizations, private and public, to accelerate awareness, education, and co-creation of innovative solutions for a more inclusive and green economy. Working directly with companies, institutions, and territories, to implement dynamic projects that drive new business models and technologies for a market and society that respond not only to the urgency of making our systems and way of life greener and socially inclusive but also with regenerative capacities in the ecosystems in which they are inserted.

In this context, 50 Rebels could not stay away from this event. We will be participating with a pitch presenting our brand on Tuesday, the 25th of October. You can also take this opportunity to get to know 50 Rebels better and take a test ride with one of our bikes.

Find out where and when you will be able to take a 50 Rebels test ride in Lisbon

Planetiers know that achieving their goal will require global mobilization for effective transformation. And for an effective change, it is necessary to educate, inspire and awaken the Planetier entrepreneurial spirit in each of us.
To do so, they create platforms that aim to promote sustainable solutions already in the market and spread inspiring and educational content throughout society. 50 Rebels is also eager to help promote this change.


Dulce Filipe
Dulce Filipe

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