December 02, 2021 2 min read

It's almost winter. We've had a crazy year... A year that's hard to sum up, actually. But we're here now, trying to reflect, creeping towards 2022. As things stabilise after all the carnage of the summer and business moves steadily onward into Christmas and the new year, we have a little surprise for you... A dazzling new colour!

BLUE. The R-series now comes in blue. Is that all there is to say? Absolutely not. This is not just any old blue, this is a spectacular, three-dimensional colour that excites and surprises you when it catches the light. A gentle metallic, a rich hue, a depth that has to be seen to be fully understood.

Working with our factory in Agueda, Portugal, and our paint shop close by, we spent some time going back and forth with samples to lock down the perfect tone for new colour. We didn't want it too dark, we didn't fancy it any lighter, we needed something bold, something eye-catching, and it had to look right when the bike was all assembled. In fact, that was the ultimate test – when we saw the frame painted it was one thing, but when the bike was built we all had to agree on the overall look. This exact blue got a big tick from all of our team.

The other interesting thing to note is the finish. Matte paintwork is great, we're big fans of that style for our other colours, but we wanted our blue to leap out at you, and matte wasn't giving us that feeling. So what did we do? We chose to make this bike glossy... and what a result! This paint job is a wonder. 

Last thing – shall we call it 'Electric Blue'?


Robin Pearson
Robin Pearson

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