Start a revolution on a bike.

Join our street rebellion against mediocracy.

While e-bikes are making urban mobility and commuting easier and more accessible, big corporations have flooded our city streets with ugly looking bikes and generic scooters that appear void of spirit or style.

All that changes in 2020!

50 Rebels aims to fight back. 

Welcome to the war on mediocracy.

We pledge to bring beauty and style back to the street bike scene.

We promise to make better e-bikes with a difference.

We are committed to producing a ride that changes the tide.

Support us in our quest for the best.

Help us to change the game in the name of cool.

Help us fight the asses of average and put the charm back into life.

50 Rebels Company

(Torres Vedras, Portugal)

This is company HQ! Send us some mail, or come by and say hi.

50 Rebels Factory

(Vagos, Portugal)

This is where all of our bikes are assembled, finished and put together.

50 Rebels Hideout

(Ericeira, Portugal)

This is where Rebels can come and hide for a few days. A four story house, next to the beautiful beaches of Ericeira including a pool and free rooms for the “50 Rebels Family.” Fiestas and Barbecues included. You can also come here to test ride one of our bikes. Drop us a line.

50 Rebels Company, Lda.

Give us a call

+351 910 056 615


(Schweiz +41795353244)


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