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janvier 18, 2022 1 lecture minimum

One of the questions we get asked most often is, how far do your bikes go? (We get asked lots of other questions too, by the way, and the answers are all HERE.)

Anyway, we thought it was about time for a proper range test. We knew the stated range that was calculated by the battery and motor suppliers we use, but we wanted to see for ourselves, in real world conditions. 'Real world' means HILLS, headwinds, stopping and starting... This is no controlled lab test. Hills is capitalised because our local area is rather rugged!



So, how far can you go on a 250W motor with a 20AH battery? The answer is: 88 kilometers! 

Some stats for you:

Rodrigo is 1.85m, ~75kg.
We used the full range of battery assistance levels (1-5)
It was all filmed as you see it, in one go, except a 45 min pause for lunch. 

Filmed & edited by Robin Pearson
GoPro footage by Rodrigo Vicente

Robin Pearson
Robin Pearson

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Video: All Day on the R-Series
Video: All Day on the R-Series

mai 10, 2022 1 lecture minimum

Escape from the city and find your freedom with bikes, with friends.  We can all relate to that!
Fundo Ambiental 2022
Fundo Ambiental 2022

avril 07, 2022 2 lecture minimum

O apoio do governo à aquisição de e-bikes está de volta e desta vez o valor é ainda maior do que o ano passado! Este apoio está limitado aos primeiros 4550 candidatos... Para as e-bikes adquiridas em 2022 o governo devolve um valor de até 500€
Kids Seat & Back Rack Solutions!
Kids Seat & Back Rack Solutions!

mars 22, 2022 2 lecture minimum

Child seats & rear light upgrades for the 50 Rebels Back Rack