Our bikes come almost completely assembled. You only have to place the handlebar on the fork and tighten it as well as add the pedals to the crankset. 

Our bike weights all in all 28kg (incl. battery).

This depends on various factors. But the 504Wh of the 50 Rebels R2020 battery will take an average rider (70kg) on flat terrain with assistance level 2 (of 5) about 60 kilometers.

Yes it can. It can be locked to the bike with a key, and easily taken off as well.

If you sign our form that you will check if a thumb throttle is legal in your country and act according to the law (not riding it on public roads if the throttle is forbidden) we can add a thumb throttle to your bike. Please be aware that adding a thumb throttle to the bike system will terminate the warranty.

If you are between 160 cm and 190 cm in height you can easily ride a 50 Rebels bike with comfort and unrestricted fun. Our CEO is 186cm and a little over 100 kilo heavy, he rides the bike without restrictions and absolutely loves it. He would not have founded this company otherwise.

The battery from the 50 Rebels R2020 has a lifetime of about 1000 loading cycles (full charges).

Yes you can. Batteries that fit on to the 50 Rebels system can be bought in open market (online). Contact our staff to give you the correct link to the product.

We will tell you the delivery date once we finalize your order before issuing the bill. We can only offer you our amazing prices because we have a very lean production structure. This means we do not have a lot of bicycles on stock and we ship the bikes directly from our assembly factory in Vagos (Portugal) to you. Since our delivery cycles vary, depending on the production capacities of our partners and container shipping possibilities, please be aware that delivery can take up to three months.

Our bikes

Authentic, electric bicycles e that are affordable for everyone.