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T-Shirt Brand Mid (Premium)

Our Brand Mid Premium T-Shirt is a modern-classic fit. It's a 100% cotton shirt and with 210g/m2 of best quality. 

  • Preshrunk jersey knit
  • Seamless non-topstitched 7/8" collar
  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems
  • Quarter-turned to eliminate center crease

 Size guide

Width (cm)
Length (cm)
Sleeve center back (cm)
M 50.8 73.7
L 55.9
XL 61 78.8 50.8

YOUR R2021: Questions Answered

How fast does it go?

The bikes are limited to 25 km/h.

However, if you sign a waiver you can access the speed limit and push it to the speeds mentioned below, to be used on private roads

250W - 32-33 km/h

500W - 35-37 km/h

750W - 42-45 km/h

Do you have accelerators?

We have a thumb throttle that we can add to your bike, that is not a problem. It costs €34.- and can be added per plug&play, as the connector is already on the bike. You will have to sign a document saying that you know the use of a thumb throttle is illegal when used on public roads in the EU.

What if something breaks? What's the warranty?

Manufacturer's warranty on the frame is 3 years, the electric parts have 1 year warranty (incl. the battery). Of course you are always protected by the EU guarantee on manufacturing errors for 2 years. But we are cool there... as long as we are not being taken advantage of, the happiness of our customers is more important than charging someone for a new controller or PAS-system! Important to know, parts of heavy usage do not have warranty: that is brakes, chain, rear-derailleur, pedals, bike-stand, etc. But there it is the same thing, if for any reason your bike stand breaks after one month, we will send you a new one for sure, because we want you to be happy. But to be honest, our bike is massive and built to last. We haven't had a single case of some of those parts breaking yet.

When I receive my bike, will it be delivered assembled or in separate parts?

The bike comes assembled with two parts to be mounted: pedals need to be put in place & handlebar needs to be put in and tightened. That’s it. Takes about 2 minutes all in all. In case you have any questions or questions that need to be answered immediately, you will have a personal account manager that will help you

What is the difference between the motors? And what is legal?

250W - This is the legal limit in the EU for the bike to be legally a bicycle (EPAC) - everything more is counted as a speed pedelec and needs license and insurance.

500W - This is only legal in Switzerland & Austria for EPACs. It means a little more top speed and more power on the hills.

750W - This is basically an electric motorcycle. It gets anyone up a hill with no pedalling. But especially in the northern countries this is highly illegal on public roads without type-approval and license and registration. If you live in the countryside with no police and a lot of non-public roads, it's fun to ride. But really not a bicycle anymore...

How high is the seat? Can it be adjusted?

The seat height is between 85cm (front) and 87cm (back). It can not be adjusted in height, but you can manage it by sliding more to the back or the front, like on a motorcycle.