250W - 32-33 km/h

500W - 35-37 km/h

750W - 42-45 km/h

Range largely depends on weight, landscape (hills), motor strength and assistance level. But average riding style gets you from 40-50 km on a 14ah battery and to about 60-70 km on a 17.5ah.


Our bike is built with parts from the biggest brands in the world but in a very modular way. We have a Bafang motor (which EU headquarters are in Amsterdam), Shimano gear system and Tektro brakes, Hailong battery with Samsung Cells (which is standard on many ebikes), Bafang display and Higo-Connectors. If someone knows e-Bikes, they can easily fix it.


Our bike can also be fixed by yourself or with our help. There are 4 critical parts that need to be checked and we have spare parts that can be sent throughout Europe in 4 days delivery time.


We are building a Partner network with shops that are also able to fix our bikes and that we can send our customers too and therefore give them more reassurance. At the moment the closest shop to you is in Belgium though. Until we have one near you, your personal customer support agent here in Portugal (for you that would be either Anna or Miguel) will also gladly assist you in finding a shop that can help you with your problem.

Last resort: Postal service

Our logistics partner (Dachser Logistics) will come pick up the bike for €100.- and bring it to us, we check it here and send you back a fixed bike. This will take 3 weeks until it is back with you). You will get the money back in case the issue falls under the product guarantee - like a burned wire or connector (which is very unlikely).

Manufacturer's warranty on the frame is 3 years, the electric parts have 1 year warranty (incl. the battery). Of course you are always protected by the EU guarantee on manufacturing errors for 2 years. But we are cool there... as long as we are not being taken advantage of, the happiness of our customers is more important than charging someone for a new controller or PAS-system! Important to know, parts of heavy usage do not have warranty: that is brakes, chain, rear-derailleur, pedals, bike-stand, etc. But there it is the same thing, if for any reason your bike stand breaks after one month, we will send you a new one for sure, because we want you to be happy. But to be honest, our bike is massive and built to last. We haven't had a single case of some of those parts breaking yet.

We also have a thumb throttle that we can add to your bike, that is not a problem. It costs €34.- and can be added per plug&play, the connector is already on the bike. You will have to sign a document, that you know that the use of a thumb throttle is illegal when used on public roads in the EU.


This is the legal limit in the EU for the bike to be legally a bicycle (EPAC) - everything more is counted as a speed pedelec and needs license and insurance.

To be honest, The Netherlands are flat. So our bike is about 32-35 km/h fast, depending on your weight. If you are happy with that, you don't need more.


This is only legal in Switzerland for EPACs. It means a little more top speed and more power on the hills.


This is basically an electric motorcycle. Gets anyone up a hill with no pedaling. But especially in the northern countries highly illegal on public roads without type-approval and license and registration. If you live in the countryside with no police and a lot of non-public roads, it's fun to ride. But really not a bicycle anymore...

Mechanical brakes are usually enough for most people. Hydraulic brakes are more direct, always break on exactly the same pressure and don't make a grinding noise when you hit the breaks.

Our frame is made for tall people. I am almost 1.90m and for me the bikes is absolutely fine. We have a customer that is a little over 2m and he also loves the bike. Basically, our bike is for people between 1.60 - 2.00m

The seat is between 85cm (front) and 87cm (back). It can not be adjusted in height, but you can manage it in sliding more to the back or the front, like on a motorcycle.

We will sell the bare frame sets from March on.

Yes, you can pay in instalments, you can choose the payment option "Split It" at checkout and use your credit or debit card to pay in up to 6 instalments.

Yes you can ride it with two people. We even have footpegs for your second passenger, that makes the ride very comfortable:) Legal maximum load is 135kg, but it is a steel frame, so it is very strong.

It is possible but only for pre-orders. If you want to order a R2021 we can arrange a payment plan for you via Bank transfers, but the balance needs to be settled when the bike gets shipped.

The R2020 has a 250W motor with 36V battery. The R2021 is available in different motor strengths, 250W / 500W / 750W and 48V battery.

Yes we do. But there are some bigger costs for the custom declaration of a shipment to England of €90.- on top of the shipping costs.

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