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Subsídios europeus disponíveis na Europa para facilitar a sua compra de uma bicicleta electrónica 

Cada rebelião precisa dos seus aliados e, ao aderir ao clube 50Rebels, pode beneficiar da ajuda de muitas cidades e regiões europeias para que possa comprar a sua bicicleta eléctrica. 

Sabemos que comprar uma bicicleta electrónica é o primeiro passo para ajudar a mudar o futuro, torná-la mais verde e mais limpa, proteger a sua saúde e o ambiente. Para o fazer, quisemos ajudar da melhor forma possível para que pudesse descobrir que tipo de ajuda está disponível na sua área. Assim, estabelecemos uma lista de ligações onde pode encontrar todas as diferentes condições e montantes de subsídios que melhor se adequam às suas necessidades e perfil e facilitam o processo para que possa comprar uma bicicleta electrónica e iniciar a revolução!

Pode encontrar abaixo uma lista de links para diferentes programas que o podem ajudar a obter o seu próprio subsídio de e-bike. Gostaríamos também de o informar que embora a 50Rebels faça parte do Programa PT 2020, não somos oficialmente parceiros com nenhuma das ofertas aqui listadas. Esta página é principalmente informativa e para que saiba que tipo de ajuda está disponível lá fora, mas não podemos garantir que serão disponibilizadas para si no final. 

Também recomendamos que, em caso de dúvida, contacte directamente o próprio programa ou faça a sua própria investigação para ver se alguma outra ajuda está agora disponível no seu país ou através do seu governo local.  



As Austrian e-bike sales crack the 200,000 units barrier for the first time, the government is increasing purchase premiums and subsidies for charging infrastructure, zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

“The subsidy rates for electric two-wheelers, including e-bikes will also be increased for private individuals from 400 to 850 euros for electric bicycles.” as stated in this article

“The purchase of at least five electric bicycles will also be supported for companies, municipalities and associations. The VAT rate for bicycle repair services was also already reduced from 20 to 10 percent at the beginning of the year”, as stated here

As part of the promotion of sustainable mobility, the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport also focuses on the importance of cyclists, including coordination, information and awareness-raising on federal policy related to bicycle travel.

Depending on your region, you can benefit from lump-sum compensation as well as taxes advantages and a bonus for the purchase of a bicycle, between 20 to 40% of the purchase price including VAT (40% for unemployed citizens) with ceilings depending on the type of bike. You can find more information about it here and here.

French residents can benefit both from local and national help. Some conditions are needed and they are all listed here but if you want to buy a new e-bike that doesn’t contain a lead acid battery you should be able to accumulate both bonuses (up to 500 euros in total). The state's ecological bonus can be paid in addition to people with modest incomes, up to a limit of 200 euros. 

In concrete terms this means: you must first benefit from a local aid for the purchase of a VAE to also receive the ecological bonus. The national aid does not replace the local aid, but completes it to allow the beneficiaries to obtain a more interesting amount. You can find more details about this offer here.

You can find more info regarding the subsidies help you can get depending of your region, on the following blog: Velobecane

Despite Germans being huge aficionados of bikes, the current status for subsidies from the government varies depending on which federated states you live in. 

We would recommend you to check your city hall or regional office as well as their website before purchasing your e-bike to make sure that there aren’t any new programs or current grants allocated to this. You could also check with your employer in case they offer a discount on bike purchase for commuting or benefits from a leasing program

Munich : businesses, freelancers and non-profit organizations can get a 25% refund of the acquisition price (max 500 euros).

Stuttgart : swapping your motorcycle for an e-bike can grant you up to 600 euros. 

Tübingen : depending on several factors, e-bike owners can get a bonus or a 100 euros grant.

Regensburg : businesses, freelancers and non-profit organizations can get a 25% refund of the acquisition price (max 600 euros).

Because electric bikes can transform both our cities and our lives, the UK Government has agreed upon a Cycle to Work scheme, which allocates employees to buy an e-bike at a discount, provided that it is used for commuting to work. 

This scheme is available only to those in work, whose employer registers with the scheme, and whose main use is for daily travel to their workplace. It is not available to those who are self-employed, mature students, job-seekers or to retired people; it also excludes people new to cycling, or who do not wish to go to work by bike, as we can see here

English customers should be prepared for an update during the summer though, as stated in this article from The Guardian. Of course, depending on your region, benefits can vary for you to purchase an e-bike, you can find more info regarding Scotland and their e-bike loan here as well as the Irish tax assistance here.

The italian government is fighting for a greener way of commuting and is looking into changing traffic laws to enable local authorities to create cycling paths more easily and allocating a bike bonus up to 500 euros in subsidies for purchasing an e-bike. A cleaner and safer way to commute, especially during COVID time. 

This bonus should be given to all Italian municipalities that have more than 50,000 inhabitants : Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Genoa, Messina, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Rome Capital, Turin, Venice and Florence. You can get more information, right here !

To encourage citizens to opt on for electromobility, the government decided to strengthen the bonus system for electric vehicles and bikes. You can now request a subsidy for a new electric bike and the bonus should be calculated at 50% of the bicycle’s cost, minus VAT, but no more than 600 euros, and no more than 300 euros if you purchased your bike between January 1st of 2019 and May 10th of 2020.

Of course, you can find more information regarding the conditions of obtaining such a bonus following this link, right here

The Maltese government is doubling down for a changeover to cleaner vehicles and will allocate 3.5 millions euros in subsidies for anyone who de-registers and scraps their old combustion engines for electric vehicles, including electric bikes. 

A total of four new programs have been launched to promote clean mobility and apply retroactively to vehicles purchased from January 2020. A grant of 400 euros for the purchase of a new pedelec and electric moped should be available for everyone, as stated here

Despite 36% of the population in the Netherlands listing bikes as their favorite and most common way of getting around for their everyday life, there is currently no national level subsidy for the purchase of electric bikes. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from one on a local level, or get a mileage allowance for cyclists !

For example, the city of Utrecht offers two different types of subsidy schemes : one grant of 1000 euros per vehicle for companies that purchase speed pedelecs for employees who live at least 10 km away from their workplace and another grant of 1500€ for the leasing or 1000€ for the purchase of speed pedelecs or electric cargo bikes by companies or organisations for their daily business use (at least 3000 km per year, excluding travel from home to the workplace by employees).

Se os portugueses ainda não gostavam de e-bikes, vão mudar de ideas! Os portugueses podem agora receber até 350 euros (em vez de 250 euros em 2019) para comprar uma bicicleta elétrica. O subsídio será distribuído por ordem de chegada e o estado apoiará a compra de 1000 e-bikes.

Algumas autarquias locais também estão a intensificar-se, como podemos constatar em Lisboa onde os residentes pode chegar a 500 euros quando compram sua nova bicicleta elétrica sob certas condições.

The Spanish government is offering subsidies for electric bikes in an effort to cut out carbon emissions in line with the EU’s 2020 goals and to improve the health of citizens. 

Spanish citizens can also benefits from local aids in Valencia (up to 250 euros for an electrike bike, the amount of the electric bike cannot exceed 1400 euros) and in Madrid (up to 500 euros for electric bicycles)

Since 2010 the Canton of Geneva has been reimbursing its residents 250 CHF when they buy an electric bike. Although this subsidy has been in effect for a long time, if you’re new to Geneva you might now know about it. This aid is distributed by the commune and in many cases communes match or double the subsidy.

In Lausanne, you can get 15% of the price of the e-bike up to a maximum of 400 Chf back and up to 800 Chf for people under 25 years old and for people receiving a health insurance subsidy thanks to the Equiwatt center